"Black and Blue"

Send “Black and Blue” for my muses reaction to opening the door, only to find your muse beaten and bloody.

In situations where injured agents ended up on her doorstep she cried to keep her cool but Barton was badly injured. Her face fell as she ushered him in. After shutting the door she started to look at his wounds. “Oh shit… you sit down I’m getting my first aid kit and towels to clean you up. What the hell happened?” She asked.

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Jemma stood, moving back, “I really don’t think thats a good idea Agent Romanov.  You’re stitches are still…stitching you back together.  And you… I really don’t think this is a good idea,” she said again, looking a little panicked that the woman may actually go back into the field so soon.


"Then I need to call my director. I am not leaving my partner out there alone with someone who is just willing to shoot a woman he barely knows. I trust Barton but he needs help." She told her. "Where is your phone?" She asked, looking around. Finally she gave up on the idea of getting things herself as the wounds started hurting so she sat down.

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"Black and Blue"

Send “Black and Blue” for my muses reaction to opening the door, only to find your muse beaten and bloody.

Natasha looked at the agent who stood in her front door obviously badly injured. She then let her inside, shutting and locking the door behind her. “Agent were you followed on your way here?” She asked as she got out her first aid kid and towels.

lonely King have company.


Identify yourself.

"Natasha Romanoff of Midgard."

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Send “Black and Blue” for my muses reaction to opening the door, only to find your muse beaten and bloody.

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Til Death Do Us Part[Natasha and Bruce]


Bruce soon amassed a list of cancer centers and specialists that he would call. Since it was already late at night, he decided he would call in the morning, but at least now he had a place to start. 

He kept Natasha close, knowing how hard this was. “Why don’t we head to bed?” He asked, as the clock hit one am. 

Natasha was about to tell him to start talking but then she saw the time. “I’ll be up in a few minutes. I need to call Fury and take off work tomorrow. I’m supposed to be in at 5- that sure and hell isn’t happening.” She told him before kissing his cheek.

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"Glad to help," she said, rising from the couch, pulling a little torch from her pocket.  She slid to her knees in front of her, "Let me look in your eyes," she asked, well, more commanded.  "I want to make sure there’s nothing that needs to be seen to immediately."

"Yes, but you can call me Jemma," she said and, if allowed, shown the light into her eyes, flicking it.  "I think you’re okay but once we get back to the Hub, may need a few tests.  Might just be a mild concussion."

"Can I get you something for the pain?" she asked, leaning back and watching her, still wary that she might be worse than she was letting on.


Natasha sat patiently and let Jemma do whatever work she wanted to do. “Yeah of course I understand, don’t want to keel over during my debriefing.” She told her before staying still as she waited. for the girl to finish.

"It’s a pleasure Jemma, that’s a very nice name by the way." She then nodded. "Alright I’ll get tested." Once they were done she shook her head. "No I need to have a sharp mind. I have to find a way back in there. I left Barton all by himself- jesus what if they shoot him. Thank you for the help but I need to go."

She told her before going to get her clothes.

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He continued withhiscoarse kisses

After letting him kiss her she moved back and kissed his lips.

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"Oh I know. And you can seduce me just by standing in a doorway." He laughed softly and kissed her again. 


Natasha smiled and pulled away, looking at him. “I would say you’re being cocky but you have a good reason to be.” She told him with a smirk before starting to kiss his neck.

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[meme] Izzie waits patiently for her mother to finish and when Natasha makes her way over Izzie just takes her mother's hand in hers and squeezes it gently. Not wanting to make it a bigger deal than her mother wanted her to.

Natasha looked to Izzie and smiled as she squeezed her hand. “Thank you sweetheart.” She whispered to her before leaving the grave.